Cohort studies

The Owerko Centre is home to three large-scale cohort studies


Alberta Pregnancy Outcomes and Nutrition Study (APrON)

Established in 2009, APrON is a cohort study that has approximately 5000 participants (2200 pregnant women, their offspring and many of their partners) developed by a team of expert researchers and clinicians from many disciplines including nutrition, psychology and psychiatry, family medicine, child development, neonatology (health of newborn infants), genetics, epidemiology (health of large populations) and biostatistics.

All Our Families

All Our Families (AOF)

The All Our Families cohort is a community-based, longitudinal pregnancy cohort developed in 2008 with the recruitment of 3,200 Alberta mother-baby pairs, to investigate the relationships between the prenatal and early life periods, parental well-being and the health and life outcomes for infants, children, mothers and families. 

pregnancy during pandemic logo

Pregnancy During the Pandemic (PdP)

The Pregnancy During the COVID-19 Pandemic study seeks to understand how the mental and physical wellbeing of people who are pregnant, and their babies, have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. By studying the well-being of pregnant individuals and their babies, we are learning more about how to support families and their developing babies during times of uncertainty, stress, or anxiety.