Strategic Plan

The Owerko Centre Strategic Plan 2020-2023

Click below to download our strategic plan outlining our thinking and vision for the next few years. 

The Owerko Centre Strategic Plan

Over the course of 12 months, beginning in 2019, the Owerko Centre began a process of looking at the strategic work and directions to pursue over the coming three years. This process involved active engagement with Owerko Centre members, partners, trainees, and collaborators.

Ultimately, the process resulted in focusing the work of the Owerko Centre in three primary areas:

  1. Research: To catalyze innovative research on children's brain and mental health.
  2. Education: To empower the next generation of researchers with cross-disciplinary approaches to children's brain and mental health.
  3. Community Engagement: To enhance connections with the community that will inform and translate innovative research.

The Owerko Centre Strategic Plan 2020-2023 is the result of that work. It is a living document and one that we encourage you to read and comment on.