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Owerko Centre Trainee Award Recipients

Celebrating the achievements of Owerko Centre trainees 

Owerko Centre Training and Education Grant

The Owerko Centre Trainee and Education Grant provides an opportunity for Owerko Centre graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to obtain further training in new methods and techniques that will enhance their research skills and projects.

Delaney Barth headshot

Delaney Barth

“Receiving funding from the Owerko Center allowed me to take part in the Omics Data Science Course offered by the Xia Lab at McGill University. This opportunity has helped me develop skills and proficiency in multiomics data analysis (specifically in tools like MetaboAnalyst), and I have been able to directly apply the concepts from the course to my master's thesis on the relationships between hygiene practices, social contact and the early-life gut microbiome. I am incredibly grateful for the support and hope to use what I've learned as a foundation in the next steps of my research career!”

Delaney Barth, Master's Student, 2024 Recipient 
Supervisor: Dr. Gerry Giesbrecht, PhD 

Yu-Yun Gao headshot

Yu-Yun Gao

“I am honored to receive this funding for my lab visit at the University of Montreal. My project aims to delve into the underlying mechanisms of direct neuronal reprogramming and enhancing efficiency. Receiving the Owerko Centre funding not only alleviates financial constraints but also acknowledges the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration. This opportunity will enable me to acquire essential skills for my thesis and further my research endeavors."

Yu-Yun Gao, PhD student, 2024 Recipient 
Supervisor: Dr. Guang Yang, PhD 

Owerko Centre Spark Grant

The Owerko Centre Spark Grant provides an opportunity for Owerko Centre graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to expand their research scope and skillset beyond their current expertise. The purpose of this grant is to support successful applicants in initiating new techniques, experiments, and collaborations that will complement their current thesis/research projects.

Shefali Rai headshot

Shefali Rai

“The Owerko Centre Spark Grant is pivotal for my PhD by enabling collaboration with Dr. Deanna Greene's lab in UC San Deigo, which will enhance my third and last thesis aim. My supervisor and I first met Dr. Greene at the Flux Congress in California and discovered our research was complimentary to theirs. Through this lab exchange and training week, I will gain expertise in novel tools and methods that I can apply to our pediatric precision fMRI study. Funding opportunities like this grant are crucial as they help foster innovate research and international collaborations.”

Shefali Rai, PhD Student, 2024 Recipient 
Supervisor: Dr. Signe Bray

Mashiat Zaman headshot

Mashiat Zaman

“Being awarded the Owerko Centre Trainee Spark Grant is truly transformative. It empowers me to surpass the boundaries of my current expertise, whether by investigating cells directly derived from the human brain or testing therapeutics in disease models for currently-incurable conditions. I'm deeply grateful for the chance to push boundaries, overcome obstacles, and make significant contributions to the progress of science and society. I sincerely hope that more funding opportunities like this one emerge to ignite curiosity in young scientists and encourage them to explore the uncharted territories of knowledge."

Mashiat Zaman, PhD student, 2024 Recipient 
Supervisor: Dr. Tim Shutt, PhD 

Owerko Centre Pathways to Independence Grant

This grant enables early-career investigators to conduct research in areas aligned with the Owerko Centre mandate of advancing neurodevelopment and child mental health. This grant is intended to provide a mechanism for fellows and research associates to launch the next independent phase of their career.

Marcela Ferreira headshot

Dr. Marcela Davoli Ferreira

"I am thrilled to be awarded with the Owerko Centre Pathways to Independence Grant as it represents an important step in my career as a researcher. It will provide crucial financial support to develop my project that focuses on investigating the role of microbiota in neurodevelopmental disorders. Furthermore, it will give me a better chance to obtain more external funding in the future as an independent researcher. I am excited about this opportunity and look forward to making the most of it to advance further with important contributions to the field."

Dr. Marcela Davoli Ferreira, Postdoctoral Associate, 2024 Recipient 
Dr. Kathy McCoy's lab

Dorit Moehrle headshot

Dr. Dorit Moehrle

"The Owerko Centre Pathways to Independence Grant means invaluable support for my research investigating sound hypersensitivity and associated pain in neurodevelopmental disorders through funds for supplies & materials and for dissemination of results. I hope that my research will contribute to a better understanding of the brain mechanisms involved in sound hypersensitivity and, in the long term, promote targeted support options to help improve the daily lives of affected individuals and their families/caregivers.Funding opportunities like this are essential for students, trainees and postdocs; to acquire more advanced skills, make significant and innovative discoveries, and prepare for future independent research."

Dr. Dorit Moehrle, Postdoctoral Associate, 2024 Recipient 
Dr. Ning Cheng's Lab

Perri Tutelman headshot

Dr. Perri Tutelman

Project: Co-create and evaluate the first eHealth transdiagnostic CBT intervention for adolescent survivors of childhood cancer

Dr. Perri Tutelman, Postdoctoral Scholar, 2024 Recipient 
Dr. Melanie Noel's lab 

Jing Zheng headshot

Dr. Jing Zheng

“I am grateful for being awarded the Owerko Center Pathways to Independence Grant. My research hope is to provide mechanistic evidence as to how maternal microbiome affects offspring sleeping and identify potential therapeutics for sleeping issues. The funding opportunities provided by the Owerko Center plays indispensable roles in empowering the students, trainees, and postdocs to conduct innovative research with adequate flexibility in the field of brain and child mental health.”

Dr. Jing Zheng, Postdoctoral Scholar, 2024 Recipient 
Dr. Deborah Kurrasch's Lab

Previous recipients

NameAwardYearProject TitleSupervisor
Dr. Audrey-Ann DeneaultOwerko Centre Knowledge Dissemination And Engagement Award2023Dr. Sheri Madigan
Madison LongOwerko Centre Knowledge Dissemination And Engagement Award2023Dr. Catherine Lebel
Rachel EirichOwerko Centre Publication Award2023Association of screen time with internalizing and externalizing behavior problems in children 12 years or younger: a systematic review and meta-analysis Dr. Sheri Madigan
Dr. Gillian England-MasonOwerko Centre Publication Award2023Prenatal exposure to phthalates and peripheral blood and buccal epithelial DNA methylation in infants: An epigenome-wide association studyDr. Deborah Dewey
Natalia KleninOwerko Centre Research Staff Award2023Dr. Deborah Kurrasch
Dr. Daniel Comaduran Marquez, PhD Owerko Centre Training and Education Award2022National Centre for Adaptive Neurotechnologies (NCAN) Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) workshopDr. Adam Kirton
Dr. Erin McCabe, PhD Owerko Centre Training and Education Award2022Value-Based Healthcare Short CourseDr. Jennifer Zwicker
Lilit AntonyanOwerko Centre Graduate Scholarship Award2022Genome-Wide Association Study of Obsessive-Compulsive Behaviors and Imaging Endophenotypes.Dr. Paul Arnold
Richard BesneyOwerko Centre Graduate Scholarship Award2022Suicidality and its Association to Cortisol Awakening Response in Youth with Autism.Dr. Carly McMorris
Jeniffer Nicole Camacho SotoOwerko Centre Graduate Scholarship Award2022Effectiveness of Secondary and Tertiary Prevention for Adolescent Dating Violence: A Systematic Review and Qualitative Study of Survivors' Experiences.Dr. Deinera Exner-Cortens
Kiran Mahadev IsapureOwerko Centre Graduate Scholarship Award2022Objective evaluation of spasticity and the impacts following robotics gait training in children with Cerebral palsy.Dr. Elizabeth Condliffe
Min Jae KimOwerko Centre Graduate Scholarship Award2022Gene by environment interaction study of major depressive disorder and peer victimization in a paediatric population.Dr. Paul Arnold
Stefan KurbatfinskiOwerko Centre Graduate Scholarship Award2022Potential Moderators of the Association Between Maternal Adverse Childhood Experiences and Preschool Children's Behavioural Problems: A Prospective Cohort Study.Dr. Nicole Letourneau
Darcy LargeOwerko Centre Graduate Scholarship Award2022Exploring what elementary teachers understand about the female presentation of autism.Dr. Adam McCrimmon
Kirsten NeprilyOwerko Centre Graduate Scholarship Award2022�You've Got a Friend in Me�- Examination of Evidence-Based Social Skills Program for Adolescents with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.Dr. Emma Climie
Anita OomenOwerko Centre Graduate Scholarship Award2022Youth expectations and experiences with psychiatric pharmacogenetic testing � A mixed methods design.Dr. Chad Bousman
Mashiat ZamanOwerko Centre Graduate Scholarship Award2022Investigating the mechanistic basis of Mitofusin2 variants leading to disease.Dr. Timothy Shutt
Dr. Gillian England-Mason, PhD Owerko Centre Trainee and Community Partnership Award2022Exploring the Suitability of Adapting a Parenting Program for Indigenous Communities: A Partnership with the Miskanawah Community Service Association.Dr. Deborah Dewey
Shefali RaiOwerko Centre Knowledge Dissemination and Engagement Award2021Co-Director of Community Engagement for Neuro Nexus 2020Dr. Signe Bray
Dr. Brae Anne McArthur, PhDOwerko Centre Trainee Publication Award2021Trajectories of screen use during early childhood: predictors and associated behavior and learning outcomes. Dr. Sheri Madigan & Dr. Suzanne Tough
Dr. Sabine Soltani, PhDOwerko Centre Trainee Publication Award2021Attentional biases in pediatric chronic pain: An eye-tracking study assessing the nature of the bias and its relation to attentional control. Dr. Melanie Noel
Dr. Elizabeth Baker, PhD Owerko Centre Training and Education Award2020Improving Child and Youth Health Outcomes Through Translational ResearchDr. Deinera Exner-Cortens
Narae JuOwerko Centre Training and Education Award2020Advanced Statistical Techniques for Eye-Tracking ResearchDr. Susan Graham
Jelena KomanchukOwerko Centre Training and Education Award2020Training on the Simple Interactions Tool to Improve Parent-Child Interaction Assessments for Children Exposed to Early AdversityDr. Nicole Letourneau
Dr. Gillian England-Mason, PhD Owerko Centre Training and Education Award2020Advanced Statistical Training in Structural Equation Modelling (SEM)Dr. Deborah Dewey
Daphne NakhidOwerko Centre Training and Education Award2020Internalizing Behaviours and Iron Accumulation in Youth with Prenatal Alcohol ExposureDr. Catherine Lebel & Dr. Carly McMorris
Preeti KarOwerko Centre Knowledge Dissemination and Engagement Award2020Knowledge-to-Action: Translating Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in CalgaryDr. Catherine Lebel
Dr. Nicole Racine, PhDOwerko Centre Knowledge Dissemination and Engagement Award2020Project title: Study of Adversity and Resilience (SOAR) ProjectDr. Sheri Madigan & Dr. Suzanne Tough
Dennis DimondOwerko Centre Trainee Publication Award2020Reduced white matter fiber density in Autism Spectrum DisorderDr. Signe Bray
Dr. Rochelle Hentges, PhDOwerko Centre Trainee Publication Award2020Heterogeneous trajectories of delayed communicative development from 12 to 36 months: Predictors and consequencesDr. Susan Graham & Dr. Sheri Madigan